Tournament: The Memorial & WPH R48Pro #2 VII - ***No Entry Fee JR WPH Benefit Event***: Handball

11/10/2017 - 11/12/2017, Tucson Racquet & Fitness Club - Tucson, AZ USA

The No-Entry Fee Tucson Memorial, November 10-12th, 2017, in Tucson, Arizona- Celebrating the lives of our handball friends that we have lost over the past year, and throughout the years, at this special 4 wall indoor memorial handball tournament [Big & Small Ball].
Entering the 3rd annual Tucson Memorial has never been more emotional than now. In June, the WPH lost longtime friend and cameraman Ben Manning to cancer. Ben was a regular camera operator and director at all WPH-filmed gigs; to include all Tucson Memorial tournaments. Ben's impact was such that the top pro players all wrote his initials on their shoes as a way to pay tribute in Atlanta and the WPH dedicated the season to his name.
Just this past week, David Chapman, passed away at the age of 42. Chapman was making a comeback to the game and had rededicated himself to the sport. The public outcry and pouring of sympathy has lead us to add Chapman's name alongside Mannings, plus those before them, to the Tucson trophy. "All of Chapman's friends will be in Tucson and we found it to be quite natural for us to hold a memorial service for not only Ben Manning, but David Chapman and all of those that have passed this year and the years prior," said WPH ESPN Video Director, Kris Gurrad. "We will air small clips of Chapman's friends, family and fans paying tribute to the star live on ESPN throughout the weekend, w/sideline reporter, Kara Mack." WPH will roam the stands and take video clips of those wanting to open up about the players that have passed, as the WPH celebrates the lives of these fallen players.
The Tucson Memorial is a Free Entry Fee event that covers Veteran's Day Weekend.
"We will dedicate a court to the Tucson Trophy that displays the names of the locals that have passed, plus past event winners (Sean Lenning 2015/Emmett Peixoto 2016), and new names for 2017, Ben Manning and Dave Chapman," says WPH Executive Director, Dave Vincent. "We will allow fans and friends and fellow players enter and leave the room on their own time as they can pay their respects to these amazing men." WPH encourages fans to write in with their favorite story and the WPH will post, with your permission, HERE, and even mention these stories live on the air over the memorial weekend.
Email the WPH at
The Tucson Memorial, November 10-12th, will feature:
  • ESPN3 & Watch ESPN LIVE coverage of professional handball, filmed by WPHLiveTV
  • Women’s small ball 4 wall pros w/increased prize money (1st $4,000, 2nd $2500, 3rd $1900, 4th $1800, 5th & 6th receive $$$ too!)
  • Men’s elite small ball 4 wall pros w/Pro qualifier beginning at 9am Friday (qualifying up to eight pros) - Prize money has been increased to: 1st $8000, 2nd $4000, 3rd/4th $2500 (per), 5th $1900, 6th $1800, 7th/8th $1600; paying all the way to 16th!!!) Qualifier will be capped at 44; a waiting list will then be offered. Email the WPH at after the cap of 44 players is met
  • Men’s Open/A (big ball) wallball singles & doubles have been added with increased prize money (singles): 1st $3000, 2nd $2000, 3rd/4th $1000; meanwhile, Doubles tips the scales with $2000, $1400, $1000 and $800, respectively. There will be a 32 team cap on big ball doubles and 32 person cap on singles
  • Men’s B/C wallball 4 wall singles and doubles will be offered with $500, $400, $300 & $200 for first through 4th, in singles; while, doubles nets $600, $500, $400 & $300, from first to 4th. Player caps at 16 teams for doubles and 16 players for singles
  • There will be no player caps on Junior divisions or women's pro singles, however, all other non pro divisions will be capped at 16 players or teams in doubles; except Pro Qualifier of 44; Open/A Big Ball Singles and doubles of 32. Get on the Qualifier waiting list by emailing
  • Purchase Seats (limited) by contacting Jeff Healam to the WPH Show Court today: Once gone, these seats will be gone!
  • A player can participate in 3 divisions as long as one of their divisions is the pro 4 wall small ball qualifier
The Entry fee is set at ZERO so, Deadline is Monday, Nov 2nd, you can enter now, as these divisions will be capped at 16, 32 & 44 (pro qualifier) depending on class. ***A special $75 per player small ball 4 wall pro/am doubles division w/winner-takes-all purse has also been added. You just enter w/out a partner and a triple reverse blind draw will be used to determine who you play with (..okay, joking about the triple-reverse, but we will seed the gig and make it fair and competitive).
Junior WPH is raising funds for handball development and asks that you make a donation of ANY SIZE to the WPH, if you support the direction and movement of exposing the game to the masses. Special pro-to-junior clinics and training will occur all weekend long (skills competitions, challenges, more...).
Pic by Vern Roberts/USHA - This event will bring a special souvenir to all who enter or participate (Dave Chapman Pro Tour Shirt); there will be continuous food and drink supplied from Friday afternoon thru Sunday (no banquet, but we do expect some cool group activities, so please contact us with your arrival dates so we can put you on the list of events). In lieu of a banquet, the WPH will have an outdoor BBQ and LIVE entertainment right at the facility. The special Memorial Award Ceremony w/Scott Cleveland and Kara Mack will take place on Saturday between the men's pro small ball semis; to air on ESPN.
Must be a WPH Member to participate (on line at
More info? These directors, volunteers, desk managers & execs can help you out: Scott Cleveland, Braulio Ruiz, David Fink, Abraham Montijo, Tom Flores or myself David Vincent (...but mostly, Scott Cleveland jaja)

Handball Tournament in Tucson, AZ USA

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