Bracket Formats

The R2sports event management software supports multiple draw type formats

Brackets that can be used for tournaments, leagues, and seasons include:

Elimination Brackets with consolation options supporting up to 256 participants, Round Robins with different display options up to 16 competitors, Pool Play divisions up to 160 competitors in 10 different groups, and Heats with up to 200 competitors.

R2sports Screen Shots: Bracket Format Categories

Bracket Format Categories Images

Elimination Brackets

Elimination brackets consist of bracket formats in which a competitor is knockout out of competition after losing a match. Some elimination brackets have a consolation bracket where the losers dropdown and continue to compete.

Elimination bracket formats are: Single Elimination, Double Elimination, Triple Knockout, Feed-in, Olympic format, and qualifier draws.

Round Robin

A round robin refers to a bracket format in which all participants compete against each other in the division. Teams continue to play regardless if they win or lose.

There are two different ways round robins can be displayed, one is matches by round, and the other is laying out matches by participant in a schedule format.

The 2 round robin bracket formats supported in R2sports are: The single round robin, and the double round robin.

Pool Play

A pool play bracket format is best described as a division broken into several separate round robin groups called flights. Players compete for final standings within their flight. Winners from each flight advance to the playoffs to compete for the division championship.

Pool play divisions can be displayed by matches in each round, or in a schedule format listing all participants then all games to play.


A heat bracket format allows contestants to compete against each other all at the same time as a group. Heats are often used in racing sports or sports where competitors are judged.

A heat sheet is used to display rounds in a heat bracket. Winners from each heat advance to the next round and compete against other winners. Sometimes a death heat is used for losers of early rounds to give them a chance to stay in the competition.

Challenge Ladder

Challenge ladder brackets allows directors to setup and maintain a sports ladder in which players can compete and schedule matches in an organized manner.

The challenge ladder bracket allows participants from the highest skill level all the way to beginners to meet and play others around their same level of play. Competitors can improve their game by challenging more advance players from their smart phones or any computer with internet access.