Online Registration Screenshots

View screen shots of all the online registration steps from start to finish. Registering online is the only way to be sure your entry is entered correctly and the profile information is accurate.

The R2sports online entry for event participants makes entering an event quick and easy. Registrants can modify their entry as many times as needed up until the entry deadline.

Step 1: Verify profile info Step 2: Select divisions Step 3: Confirm Registration Step 4: Secure Payment Step 5: View receipt

R2sports Screen Shots: Online Registration

Payment Type for Event Registration

After confirming the registration online summary, the registrant is taken to the secure server in order to select an event registration payment type.

Depending on how the event is setup, some event registrations will not require the participant to make a payment, in that case this page won't be seen since it redirects to the reg online receipt. For events that require a payment to be made during event registration, either a credit card or e-check payment will need to be made. When the event does not accept e-checks this step will be skipped and it will automatically advance to the credit card page.

View the credit card refund policy by clicking on the link at the bottom of the screen. The event registration can be modified any time before the final payment is made. If everything looks ok, click on the event registration payment type to pay for the on line registration .