Live Streaming Sports

R2sports has partnered with EnetLive.TV to provide event directors an option for online viewers to watch live streaming sports video from the event website home page.

Broadcasting a tournament or league will allow friends and family members of the participants to view them compete live. Imagine all the people that want to be there watching, but can't. Now they can have a front row seat from any computer with internet access!

Live streaming sports is simple for the tournament director to setup using a camera, computer, and internet connection. The video player is automatically embedded on your registration websites home page, so live scores and recent results are all viewable at the same time as the video!

Broadcast your events live, when you want, and how you want!

Each event has it own online tv channel where the director controls the content. Show your video and your own commercials and keep all of the revenue! Our live streaming sports services never forces views to watch ads that are not yours.

What equipment is needed to do the streaming?

For live streaming sports, all you need is a computer with an internet connection that can connect to your camera. Most min-div cameras work best and are very inexpensive. Webcams are also simple and cost effective.

How hard is it to setup the live steaming sports video?

There are 5 simple steps to begin steaming.
1) Download the free Adobe Premier software
2) Hook up your desired camera to your computer
3) Place your EnetLive publishing point directly into your adobe player
4) Record the show through the adobe player if desired
5) Hit the “Start Button” on the player to begin

How much bandwidth is necessary?

We recommend 756 Kbps or higher upstream bandwidth to stream in high SD quality. You can test internet speed here.

What are the costs?

EnetLive.TV has agreed to provide R2sports directors with online live streaming sports video with their very best available commercial free pricing options:

Pricing is based on number of days in your event and number of viewers that are watching at the same time. See pricing options below:

1) $50 for one day event. Limit 100 people watching at a time.
2) $99 for a two-three day event. Limit 100 people watching at a time.
3) Unlimited weekend broadcasting $400 two-three day.

Directors can add the live streaming sports video option to their event on their tournament template setup page when logged into the event as a director.

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