Tournament: WPH Mardi Gras Open/Race4Eight (LTE) & Sr40+ Stop: Handball

2/15/2019 - 2/17/2019, Ochsner Fitness Center - Harahan, LA USA

The World Players of Handball and the New Orleans handball community are thrilled to host the 2019 Mardi Gras Open/R48LTE, February 15-17 at the Ochsner Fitness Center, located at 1200 S. Clearview Pkwy, Harahan, LA 70123 - Where there will be an official tour stop for the Senior 40+ Pros (Sr40+ tour stop #2) and those wanting to enter the R48Pro LTE bracket.

The R48 will feature some of the top touring pros w/the main event toggling between the elite men and the Senior 40+ Pros; additionally, A/B, C, 50+ and 60+ Master’s Singles and Doubles and Female A/B singles divisions will be offered.

Students entry fees will be dramatically reduced!
Students: $30 for the first division, $10 for the second division.
Please contact tournament director David Fink at for reduced entry

The WPH R48LTE awards half the R48 ranking points as a traditional R48 event and nearly half the prize money.


Prize money and ranking points for R48 LTE events:


1st: $1.5k (5 ranking points)


2nd: $1k (4 ranking points)


3rd/4th: $750/$750 (3 ranking points)


5th-8th: $500; if the event has 8 ranked pros or better (2 ranking points)


LTE ranking points are only valid to the player if that player qualifies during the season and/or are named in the top eight and have accepted their invite. Once the player qualifies, then their LTE points become retroactive (same for the Elite Eight member). If a player accrues points at an LTE stop without earning ranking points in that R48 season, those points will be frozen until that player earns ranking points at a R48 stop. If/when the player earns points in a full R48 stop, his LTE points will be added. If the player does not earn points in a full R48 stop, his LTE points will not accessible.

Want more info? Find it at

Handball Tournament in Harahan, LA USA

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