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Does your sports organization have an events schedule that continuously changes and requires your website to be updated?

The sport organization events website shows tournaments, camps and leagues that are sanctioned by your association. The ranking software calculates current rankings and displays them on a searchable page for the the members to see. Administrators can add articles, and modify site content through the content manager.

Additional features available on the site include featuring players, listing sponsors, multi language capabilities, and creating an image gallery with pictures from the events.

Home Page Features Current Event Info

The home page of the sports website template was developed to feature the tournaments, camps, and leagues that your association sanctions. If you have a website programmer who is continually having to update event information, this can be a thing of the past! Customize the text and image of the showcase section at the top of the page. Create newsroom articles that are automatically archived and select one of them to feature on the main page. Highlight some of the larger events and add a summary description.

Any live event going on that day will appear in the live events section along with a small number of the soonest upcoming events and a some of the recent tournament and league results.

Display sponsors on the live sports website home page to give them more exposure and add value to the sponsorship package that you can provide.

Event Listings Pages Updated Automatically

There are two sports software events listings pages on the events site. One will show all the upcoming events that are sanctioned by your association and open for online registration. The second shows event results with a link to the tourney bracket maker results page.

The event information is pulled from the R2 sports association software database. Event directors can upload images and write a short summary about their event that will be displayed in the listing without your website programming having to do anything.

Create additional links to sub organizations or other websites that can be clicked on from the listings page.

Sell Items to Customers

The website association software has an option to have a shopping cart so users make purchases of any of the items your organization is selling though the member site. Users can purchase or renew their membership, make a donation, and buy merchandise like t-shirts or instructional videos.

If your association charges the directors a fee to sanction an event online, directors can request dates for their event and pay the sanctioning fee through the shopping cart.

Conveniently Display Photos

Another popular component on an events website is sport software images gallery to show the photos take at all the different events. Showcase winners receiving the prizes and upload action photos of the players in competition. For larger events that that have a formal banquet display the banquet photos.

The image gallery sport scheduler in the backend control panel makes it easy for website administrators to create image categories and to upload photos, create picture titles and descriptions.

Easily administer website content

The website association management software is integrated with a content manager system that allows website administrators to easily change text or images throughout the website. Highlight and bold key words and inset links into thearticle

Rename the page titles and set meta tags for search engine optimization and use create newsroom articles that are archived in the newsroom.

Contact Us for Pricing

Pricing for the events website varies depending on which additional features your organization wants to use. National organizations also have a separate events site for each organization underneath it, like state or city organizations.

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Featured Events

2024 3-Wall Icebreaker & WPH Outdoor Stop I
7/20/2024 - 7/21/2024
Tucson, AZ

2024 Scholastic Elite Camp
7/29/2024 - 8/2/2024
St Louis, MO

2024 3-Wall Ice Bowl & WPH Outdoor Stop II
8/17/2024 - 8/18/2024
Tucson, AZ

9/13/2024 - 9/15/2024
Lilburn Georgia , GA

2024 55th Florida State Doubles Championships
9/13/2024 - 9/15/2024
Davie, FL

2024 4-Wall Memorial & WPH Race 4 Eight Stop #1
9/20/2024 - 9/22/2024
Tucson, AZ

Multi Sports
2024 KWM Gutterman Multi-Sport 3WallBall World Championships at THE STRAT HOTEL
9/24/2024 - 9/29/2024
Las Vegas, NV

2024 KWM Gutterman Multi-Sport 3WallBall World Championships at THE STRAT HOTEL - Racquetball
9/24/2024 - 9/29/2024
Las Vegas, NV

2024 4-Wall Classic & WPH Race 4 Eight Stop #2
10/4/2024 - 10/6/2024
Portland, OR

2024 3-Wall Icebreaker & WPH Race 4 Eight Stop #3
12/14/2024 - 12/15/2024
Tucson, AZ

2025 4-Wall Red Death & WPH Race 4 Eight Stop #4
1/31/2025 - 2/2/2025
Missoula, MT

2025 R48 Juarez Open
2/28/2025 - 3/2/2025
Cd. Juarez, MEX

2025 4-Wall LAAC & WPH Race 4 Eight Stop #6
3/21/2025 - 3/23/2025
Los Angeles, CA

2025 USHA 4-Wall Hall of Fame & WPH Race 4 Eight LTE Stop #7
4/4/2025 - 4/6/2025
Tucson, AZ

WPH R48Pro Aces Players Championship: May 2-4, 2025 Stop #8
5/2/2025 - 5/4/2025
Salt Lake City, UT