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Never again spend time manually tracking rankings for your sport organization. Use the R2 sports ranking software and let it do everything for you.

The software tournament system and the league manager application are both integrated with the R2sports ranking software and make it easy for reporting match results to recalculate the rankings after each event. After a director has entered all game results, they click a final link to send final results to the ranking software.

The sports association software website package is an events website integrated with the rankings data that displays player rankings in a searchable format along with a participant’s match history.

Searchable Ranking System

The sports association ranking system has filter options that allow users to narrow ranking searches down by a specific region or age group. You can also search for a player’s name to see their match history.

Players are listed with the highest ranked person in the search appearing first, and then it continues listing players by ranking spot.

When an event is submitted for results and a player’s spot in the rankings software has changed, the ranking order also changes automatically on the rankings page on the website and match history is added to their profile.

Player match history reports

View a player’s match history in the rank systems to determine how a competitor obtained their ranking spot. The name of the player and location of residence is listed along with their home club and skill level during competition. A picture will be displayed of the person if one is uploaded in their profile.

The competitors overall ranking is listed and for organizations using the R2 sports membership software, it will show ranking among all current members of the association.

The opponents name is linked and when clicked on takes you to their match history report. The tournament name and division are conveniently linked to view the tourney bracket maker results summary page and the tournament bracket in which the match was played.

Director Saves Time Seeding Brackets Ranking System

When director is seeding a tournament linked to the rank system, divisions can be pre-seeded by their ranking software spot by clicking on the Pre-seed by rankings link. Players cannot accuse a director of being biased when they seed directly from the rankings.

A link to the player’s match history for participants is listed next to their name on the brackets and by their ranking in the seeding list.

Check for Sandbaggers

A sandbagger is a player with a higher ranking that drops down to a lower skill level division to make it easier for them to win first place. This sometimes leaves the players that were beaten feeling as though they were cheated and their unwanted opponent should have been reclassified to higher skill level.

Use the check player rankings feature that lists all the participants that are registered in a division and shows their ranking. Any players with a ranking way out of range will easily stand out so you can move them to another division to help avoid potential problems later at the live event.

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Contact R2 Sports today and we will discuss with you how rankings in your sports organization are calculated and give you a price quote.

We guarantee our customer’s satisfaction and will create a ranking software system exactly customized to your needs.

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