R2 Sports Online Registration System

Fast, easy, and reliable registration system for event participants

The registration system saves directors a lot of tedious data entry and ensures accurate information when the competitors enter online and select their divisions. Set early entry discounts and late fees that are charged based on the current date.

Participants enter through the registration system and pay with a check or credit card. They may modify their entry any time up until the event deadline. It is fully integrated with the R2sports software tournament system and directors can begin seeding draws after the registration deadline.

Registration Websites Home

Send email blasts through the event software that will include links to the registration system so participants can enter. Competitors visit the Registration websites home page to view all of the event information and pricing.

Directors can control the content of the home page message and upload an event logo. During the online registration period, a large Enter Now button will appear on the home page. After the registration deadline is past, this will disappear.

For tournaments and leagues, once start times and draws are released, additional links will appear to make them easy to find for the participants and fans.

During a live event, recent match results are displayed along with live matches that are currently being played.

Login to Register Online

After clicking the link to enter, the entrants must login to their user profile to register online. Personal data is stored so they don’t have to reenter data when they sign up for future events.

If the login credentials are forgotten, they can be emailed to the participants. New users to R2sports create a new profile for free.

Registering Online Information

When creating a new profile, you will enter all of your registering online profile information like your name, address, along with your email and phone number in case the director needs to contact you regarding the event.

Reg On Line Profile Verification

The first step for the reg on line entry is the profile verification. Make sure the information is correct, view membership expiration dates if applicable, and answer any custom questions that the director has created.

Register for Event Divisions

If the event has multiple divisions to enter, register for event divisions by checking the box next to the division name in which you wish to compete. For doubles and team divisions there will be an additional text box to type a partner or team name.

The registration system allows the user to submit any time conflict comments if they have any time restrictions. They can also type in notes and recent win comments that help a director determine the seeding for players in a tournament bracket.

Registration Online Summary

Finalize the entry on the registration online summary page. Additional items can also be added to purchase with the entry for things like donations, extra event t-shirts or meal tickets.

A membership may also be purchased on this page when the event is linked to the R2 sports membership system. The registrant must agree to the participant’s waiver before moving past this step.

Payment Type for Event Registration

When R2sports processes credit cards for directors and sends them a check for their entry fee revenue, entrants have two payment types for event registration to choose from. They can either pay by credit card, or by e-check.

Multi Registration option where both director and online registrants can enter multiple participants and then make 1 final payment for all the registrations.

Pay On Line Registration

The last step in the registration system is for the participant to pay the on-line registration fee. Visa, Mastercard, and American Express are all accepted forms of credit card payment. The card is charged before the entry is processed and the entrant must have enough funds for the transaction or it will not go through.

Reg Online Receipt

After completing the online entry, it will display the reg online receipt as confirmation for their registration. The receipt will also be emailed to the player after successfully entering the event. They will also be added to the participants list that can be viewed from on event website.

Activate your event registration system today

To begin taking online sign-ups for your sports camp or clinic find the R2 sports camps and clinics software for your sport. If you need to accept registration for another event type that isn’t listed, please contact us and we can set it up for you.

If you are not completely satisfied with our registration system you will receive a full refund.

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