League Manager Software

Directors save time and streamline all of the administrative tasks. Participants, parents, and fans can follow everything online.

The R2sports league software has similar functionality as the software tournament application. After the director goes through the steps in the setup wizard, a league website is automatically created where participants can sign up on line.

After registration is closed, directors can create league schedules easily and when integrated with the ranking software allows you to seed based on player or team rankings to ensure the top competitors in the division match up in later weeks of the league.

Online League Software

Everything is online so there is nothing to download. After the league is activated, the director can login to the back end league manager control panel and setup the league template. This is where all the fees and dates are set for the season.

League Website Created Automatically

Participants can get all of the league and season information through league registration websites. The league manager can change the home page message and upload an image for the home page. During a current league, recent results will also be displayed with a link to view the bracket schedule..

Save Time Accepting Online Entries

Avoid spending any extra time doing data entry. Allowing participants to register online ensures that information is more accurate and the correct divisions have been entered. The registration period ends ad the date and time that you set, and an early entry discount and or late fee can be applied based on the timing of the entry.

Create Schedules Quickly

Combine smaller divisions with only a few participants into larger ones when necessary. Select from the different bracket formats that are available, based on the number of weeks in your season and how many competitors are in the division.

Communicate with Participants

The built in email membership program allows the league manager to conveniently communicate with all the registered players by simply typing in the subject and content of the email into the text editor.

Print League Schedules

For larger leagues with several division categories, the printable bracket options page allows the league manager to conveniently print all the schedules at the same time.

Update Results

Easily update game results from any computer or cell phone with internet access. Scores on the league website are updated in real time for participants and parents to see. At the end of the season, a league results summary is created that lists the final places of all of the competitors for each division.

Activate Your League / Season

Ready to get started? Your next league can begin using the R2sports league manager software immediately. To begin, select your sport from list of supported sports for leagues.

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Featured Events

2022 WPH Outdoor 3W Small/Big Ball Icebreaker #2: The Ice Bowl
8/19/2022 - 8/21/2022
Tucson, AZ

Multi Sports
Sudsy and Veronica Treasure Coast Racquetball Tournament Series Event #1
8/19/2022 - 8/21/2022
Vero Beach, FL

Capitol Classic IRT Tier 1 Racquetball Tournament
9/15/2022 - 9/18/2022
Millersvile, MD

WPH Outdoor 3W Clarkbreaker Clarktember Fest
9/17/2022 - 9/18/2022
Tucson, AZ

2022 USA Racquetball US Open
9/28/2022 - 10/2/2022
Minneapolis, MN

2022 Atlanta OPEN
10/7/2022 - 10/9/2022
Lilburn / Atlanta, GA

2022 WPH R48Pro #1 (LTE) Portland Classic
10/14/2022 - 10/16/2022
Portland, OR

KWM Gutterman 2022 3WallBall World Championships at THE STRAT HOTEL Racquetball
10/26/2022 - 10/30/2022
Las Vegas, NV

2022 First LAMRA Tournament Guatemala
11/2/2022 - 11/5/2022
Guatemala City, GUA

2022 WPH R48Pro #2 The Memorial
11/4/2022 - 11/6/2022
Tucson, AZ

2022 WPH R48Pro #3 3-Wall Icebreaker
12/10/2022 - 12/11/2022
Tucson, AZ

2023 WPH R48Pro #4 Mardi Gras Open
1/13/2023 - 1/15/2023
New Orleans, LA

2023 WPH R48Pro #5 Red Death
2/3/2023 - 2/5/2023
Missoula, MT

2023 WPH R48Pro #6 ~ Texas State Doubles
2/17/2023 - 2/19/2023
Houston, TX

WPH R48Pro #7 (LTE) ~ Rodney Fink Classic (RFC)
3/24/2023 - 3/26/2023
Pittsburgh , PA

WPH Aces R48Pro #8 Player's Championship
5/5/2023 - 5/7/2023
Salt Lake City, UT