Membership System Screen Shots

The R2sports membership software helps an organization manage its users.

Groups can be created and users linked to specific groups. An administrator can use the email generator tool to communicate with all the users in a group. Users can join or renew their membership online by making selections from the shopping cart. Approved directors can also pay their sanctioning fees through the membership website.

All payment transactions are recorded in the activity history and reports can be generated for each user. Easily update user data and search user records. Generate reports and export them to excel or an access database.

R2sports Screen Shots: Users

Online Member Management

A memberís profile in the online member management system will list all the users personal data on the left side and show the userís picture if one has been uploaded. Personal data includes: name, address, gender, phone, email, date of birth, shirt size, skill level, and home venue.

A user can be current in multiple membership types at the same time, and all associated with the user are listed along with the membership number, issued date, and expiration date. Any membership that has a printable membership card linked to it can be printed by clicking on the print membership card link.

All the groups that the user is linked to are listed next along with whether the user is an administrator of that group or not. Member system groups link users together in a certain category, like professionals, coaches, and certified refs.

Access levels are listed after groups along with the access expiration date. If no date is listed, that users access expiration never expires. Member website access levels determine what profile information is available for viewing during searches.

At the bottom it will indicate if the user is an event director and has an event control panel linked to their profile.

The right side of the screen will show all of the events that the user has participated in including: tournaments, leagues, camps, and elections. The event name is listed along with the event dates. A listing of tourney brackets in which the user competed in for each specific event is also shown.

Next to each event are two icons. The first takes you to the registration website homepage and the second shows all the participants that entered that event.