Rankings for Sport Organizations

Stop wasting time manually tracking rankings.

The R2sports software for a tournament or league reports results directly to the ranking software. After the director has all game results entered, they simply click on a link to report results to the ranking software.

Some organizations also use the R2 sports membership software and require users to have a current membership in order to have a ranking spot. This is a good way to ensure that members keep a current membership and pay their dues on time.

R2sports Screen Shots: Rankings Software

Match History in Rank Systems

Players have a match history in the rank systems that that shows all of their event participation within the organization. Player searches can be narrowed down with the same filtering options at the top of the page that are available on the association ranking system page.

The player information section will show the picture of the player if one is uploaded in their profile. The name is listed along with their gender, home club or venue, and where the person is from. Their skill level in competition is shown and racket sports will show a racquet type that the players can fill out, and a link to their favorite website can be added.

The playerís national ranking is listed with only current members, and the overall ranking is listed that includes all players. The number of wins and number of losses is displayed and it shows the calculated win percentage.

Each game played in a league or tournament is reported to the rank systems and is displayed on the page. The winnerís name is listed in the first column and shows a tracking number or points at time of ranking. Next the loserís name is shown along with the opponents rank.

The event name is linked to the tourney bracket maker results page where participants can see all the tournament champions in each division. The division name is linked and goes directly to the division bracket in which the match was played. If the opponent has a picture linked to their profile, it will show up on the right side of the row in the rank systems match history report.

When a director is creating brackets and seeding with the rank system, an icon will appear next to the players in the list to seed, and an icon will appear in the first round on the draws next to a personís name, so participants can view their opponents match history before a tournament begins and see if they have any common opponents. Directors can view player rank systems match history to avoid having players meet up in early rounds when they have competed in other recent events.